5 Actions That Can Help You Stop Sweating

Sweating too much is viewed as a social embarrassment; so many people would want to know how to stop sweating. Of course, you wouldn’t want to get caught with sweat on your underarms while raising your hand. You also wouldn’t want to get caught with sweat on your hands especially when you’re going to shake or hold hands with someone. You also wouldn’t want to get your clothes wet because of the perspiration continuously flowing on your skin.
While you may think that these concerns are too frivolous (after all, sweating can hardly make anyone sick unless one is dehydrated), many people continually make a fuss over them. However, these people are lucky; there are ways for them to stop sweating. If you want to stop sweating too, or at least minimize it, then give these tips a try:
Excessing Sweating

1. Drink plenty of water.
This may sound counter intuitive because sweat is basically water coming out of your body. But think for a moment: Why do we sweat? It’s because our body temperature is getting hot already so the body releases sweat to absorb the body’s heat. But if you drink lots of water, you can prevent your body temperature from going up quickly, thus averting the sweat response. See? Drinking water doesn’t only restore lost water from the body – it actually inhibits water loss from your body.
2. Use antiperspirants.
If you really want to stop sweating, using antiperspirants is the way to go. An antiperspirant is like cologne; it is rubbed on the body and makes your skin smell fresh, while at the same time it covers the sweat pores in your body. Thus sweat won’t come out. Antiperspirants are typically available from many over-the-counter pharmacies, so they’re easy to get whenever the occasion dictates. However, the effects of antiperspirants go away after a short time, so after the effects wear off, make sure that you’re already in a place where you won’t sweat. If you’re not really concerned with sweating but instead with the resultant odor, use deodorants instead.
3. Try to be less anxious; calm down.
Sometimes, you sweat because you are feeling tense, so calming yourself down can prevent sweat from trickling on your body. Calming down can be done by removing yourself from a situation where you have to feel tense, by doing some deep breathing routines, and or by taking some natural anti-anxiety herbs, such as valerian root or St. John’s Wort. It will also help if you rest every now and then; you will recharge both your body and your mind, and that can keep you relaxed during a day.
4. Don’t smoke or drink too much caffeinated drinks.
Smoking accelerates sweating because it increases the temperature of your body. (So there’s indeed a relationship between smoking and wet underarms; that should serve as enough justification to quit smoking.) The caffeine in drinks such as coffee and soft drinks, meanwhile, increases metabolic rate, which increases the body’s temperature, thus causing sweating. If you know that you’re going to sweat at a certain time, then just before that, shy away from smoking or caffeine.
5. Take a bath regularly.
Whether you need to stop sweating or not, taking a bath regularly is good for hygienic purposes. A moderately cold bath reduces body temperature and thus reduces sweating. (If it’s a hot bath, though, you may sweat while drying yourself, so if you want a hot bath, follow it up with a moderately cold one.) Also, bathing removes sweat from the body, along with its associated effects.
By following these five tips, you can conquer excessive sweating and you can reduce the adverse effects – physical and social – of your perspiration.

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